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I have an unnatural addiction to all things vanilla. I love vanilla scented candles, Good Hope Vanilla Tea, smelling vanilla extract straight from the bottle. I love to juice mangos and pineapple in the summer and drink for breakfast it on my balcony. I love salsa music with a passion and a dance partner who is taller than me when I

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African-Centered Sexuality

Black Poem: The African-centered community is steeped in sexual dysfunction.  For all of our efforts to rid ourselves of European cultural, social, and spiritual norms, we have denied our sexual growth by blanketing everything under the assumption that anything other than heterosexual vaginal/penal interco

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Emancipate Yourself

Black Poem: Black people are desperate to wallow in self-destructive, unhealthy, dysfunctional behaviors.  We don’t want to grow, evolve, or transform ourselves.  We defend complacency and mediocrity.  We justify the things that keep us unenlightened and unintelligent as being inherent to our cul

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12 Million Mental Slaves

Black Poem: In this nation, with its land stained with the blood of millions upon millions of innocents, we are completely backwards in our thinking.  Descendents of slave are ashamed of our past, embarrassed and humiliated because our forefathers and mothers labored like beasts under heavy chains.  S

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The Revolution Has to be Televised

Black Poem: The revolution has to be televised or most Black people will miss it.The revolution has to be televised in High Definition with a slamming soundtrack or it will be completely missed.  The revolution has to be televised The revolution must be on BET, right after Comic View and right before Rap City f

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