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Real as it gets. 100 all day with a heart of gold.

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Deep Penetration

Erotic Poem: Openlegs, closed eyes, sweat dripping on a rose pedal covered sheet.  Chocolate dipped strawberries, whipped creme, could never taste this sweet. Temperture rise, bodies tremble, seduction that will leave you with a sexual addiction.  From my slow grind, in and out, my smooth sexual frict

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Reflection Poem: A Dime is not defined by prada heels, long hair or perfection in her reflection.  It is a kind soul, a gentle touch and a heart filled with love and affection. A Dime is a woman that uplifts spirits and brings happiness to everyone around her.   She stands tall amongst giants and spread l

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Candy Girl

Girlfriend Poem: I love my Candy girl with her Hershey kisses fron her Cotton candy lips.  Her hazel nut colored eyes down to her Buttercreme hips. I rub my Butterfingers on her chocolate Mounds and make her Buttercup creme. Spread my white chocolate in her espresso and make her French vanilla steam. I love t

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Love Poem: the medicine you need to soothe a broken heart.  It bridges the gap between two lovers that are  a thousand miles apart. Love...can be expressed by a intimate touch, a warm kiss or even a much needed smile.  It is what keeps lovers together, or like the unbreakable bond bet

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Thank You

Mother Poem: Thank you.....for loving me now just as much as you did the day of my birth.  I will always say Thank you for everything you have done as long as I walk this earth. Thank you.....for being my shoulder to  lean on when  things got to tough.  You gave me the extra love i needed wh

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Girlfriend Poem: You are lovely and precious in everyway, form and fashion.   You are a beautiful miracle, you are my romantic Ebony Passion.   You are my light in the darkness, the arms that embrass me and the hands i need to hold.        You are the true definition of class and elega

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