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Deledivine Poetry

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I write about real issues of life and what people experience, sometimes unusual scenarios. I go very deep. I also write poetry that will definitely hit you deep to the core of the heart!!.:)

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Wanting More

Black Poem: When you are desperate for more, Pure souls of evil will lure and soar, To make you pay, Making you think you?re getting your way, When ~ while all they do is relay, The sweet things you want to hear, So that you can?t see clear, To steer away from them ~ Wheeling and dealing your mind, With the dev

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I'm Not Perfect

Black Poem: Far from perfect, Hate the LIES, Baby I feel your pain, and that?s why I cry, Fore as I clear the clouds, Please hear my cries that sing out aloud, As you feel my tears, Of me shedding off all my fears, Of all the hurt and pain, That will make me go completely insane, If I don?t le

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Black Poem: When they sing for the ?Bling,? And other material things, Little do they know, But it clearly shows, That their soul is gone, With each and every song, They put out, It?s so sad that they doubt, The precious journey of God?s route, Because on His road you have proper clout, Who can scout out, Any s

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Turned Out

Black Poem: Everytime our eyes meet, I get weak and turn into a freak, from your erotic streak, While you light me on fire, I perspire all of your desires, When you touch and suck, I'm always abrupt to erupt, and when you lick me all around, My secret to downtown, I scream as I cream, the dream of

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