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I Think, Therefore I Am

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P.E.A.C.E. To the True and Living Gods and Earths and all the postive people of the universe!

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Black Poem: Sun driving away cloudy skies above tall trees  Bus riding bikes Gods people taking seats Talking loud ain't really saying nothing is something Breeze cool studying life jewels Good Health knowledge of self By no means is God through with me yet Places ya bets The stage is set Caste your

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Jernei Soulchild

Black Poem: Jernei Queen for all days I greet with the universal greeting of PEACE For you have proved yourself worthy Though life might b topsy turbie you keep it earthy A righteous fruit God shall keep and never forsake you Most respect due With all that i am I love you to infinity and beyond Baby Bo

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Boo Thang

Black Poem: Into the early morning a kiss and a hug tight as a glove wet as a flood hot as the sun no inhibitions multiple orgas is um Heavy on cum got you stuck in fetal postion Suck ones thumb i taste the sweat as i kiss your fore head when im done The blackwoman is a blackman's heaven

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Lick and Suck

Black Poem: Chew on your ear (Lick Suck) Onto your navel (Lick Suck) My tongue climbs up (Lick Suck) Your volcanic mountains erupt (Lick Suck)  Your nipples i touch (Lick Suck) I engulf (Lick Suck) Popping like pencils (Lick Suck) I stare into your eyes (Lick Suck) Mentally connected (Lick Suck) Oh w

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Bankhead Blues

Black Poem: Nite late 808's Heartbreak Breeze brush over beats My wind makes earthquakes Lucky panda tastes Pawn out pick or pay Crucial Han's shake No debates C food hush puppies like kakes Why is y is y wait

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Early Mornings - Late Nights

Black Poem: RIP to a Girl eye used to seeBaby she's over nowTender moments envisionedA daughter of a poetSeemingly stolen all at onceOne moment playing so full of life The very next second the flame blow out Y is the question asked by all How is not dealing with doubtY equal self trust and obey ALLAH with LoveA

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Hard and Slow

Black Poem: Hey mama slow downHey mama slow slowSlow down Right here right nowI'm so proud We Came too far to let you downSupreme Mathematics in Action Speak louder than Yours truly with pen Never hit you in ya stinkYou still feel my painI massage your feetCalm you brainUnplug from the gameB

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Mother Father Sister Brother Day! E'vday

Black Poem: Sitting on a ball of RockIn a pocket of space93 millions miles awaygalaxies pon galaxiesIs what the universe is made Law and Order So heavens is made As my EYE observe it in the firstEverything has its place Mathematics is the purest 2 date So out of that percentage that made it

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Far away Close to Me

Black Poem: She Went B for me, is all i knowShe went B for me, is all i knowshe went B for me, is all i know lets talk about sorrowand what follows Is the pain Its bright outside but my heart beat clouds of painI'm just one man standing the rainGod in the form of one today never doubt&n

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Daddy's Girl A Father's Cry

Black Poem: No No No No Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My God has forsake mey She So preciousNo sympathy No rhythm No reasons What don't kill you only makes you strongerBut how much stronger did my baby girl have to beHow much stronger i got to be I wanna say y not me but who is gonna be there for the babies

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The Art of Loving Suai Love Reality

Black Poem: C She was ahhhow do you say here in your country?Gone too soon A moon A great young earthNow what's the worth A father put to rest his oldest Earth and youngest earth Same year That Shit hurT!!!!!!!Y me oh Lord??????????But instantly as my tears fall The Sun DryI C clearly There is no mysteriesOnly

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Joy A General's Poem

Black Poem: Laugh Now Cry LaterAs i deify the white man's natureThe all in all in meThe slaves blood runs free and deeper than the roots of a treeOne part in the revolution I is EThe Infusion of God's movementFor every Jesus is a JudasFor this reason a stay congruent with the Most HighThe truth be the lightWhat

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G >

Black Poem: Pen meet paperPapper Scissor rocGod is the greaterRock over scissorMake you liver quiverLike Paper over RockSelf is the saviorI give thanks a lotFor the Creator within my layers and  even thanks to the mounds of haters that i lay cratersWho gives me strength to slay the nile's gatorsBuild a rig

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Fire in the Whole

Black Poem: Suckayou? Who could not touch me with a ten foot poleI got too much soul! From the folds of my foreheadTo my foot on the floorMyself Eye controlYou tried to play the roleThe wicked never know when to foldA wise man's Gold is KnowingOnly showing I feel the wind blowingNow which way you goingI know u

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Splinter In A Lion's Paw

Black Poem: One for the Sun blazing brightTwo magnetized by my mightThree ignite insightIlluminating light Lay hold to the plightOf the poor right Persecuted for fear of there flightBy the pharaoh of the f

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Food For A King

Black Poem: Food for a king  Mr ming the baptist The way i yao a thing Meaning my mental state  Yet i'm five foot eight Like Exquisite cakes from a lushes plates  It Excites the sight just to get a taste 

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Ion King

Black Poem: Ways and Actions  A story of Facts Damn the lies that you Say Watch what we Snatch Careful what you Catch Learning the Math We see through your Mask Snakes came on two Feets Man to Woe men Th

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Brothers Keeper

Black Poem: Slid between the same thighs Mama cried that same cry in the middle of the night Brought life But not last night It aint alright   O how we grew to fuss in fight  I pause when i write  Tryin

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Danny In the Lion's den

Black Poem: Danny in the Lion's den Friends come to a end Foes never end When you progress Struggle begin Not to be mad Tell a friend This God's work I smile and laugh  A pain freak glad Cause the All

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7 Year Prayer

Black Poem: It started from a stare She said she saw me from over there She wanted something you wouldn't ever want to dare She tried to compare She wasn't slow, but a couple layers wasn't there Sh

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Lucid Nightmare

Black Poem: I be the plan to civilized the damned of mines My mind shines But moms cries every time my brothers declines The semi shots from behind is never kind Fast forward Rewind

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Loose Truth

Black Poem: Hold my mule Peace Jon bap The pleasure is all u’s First jewel Graduated from school Before school Out of them many sperms I came through So when I say

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Donkey Kong

Black Poem: I get it on Like the dawn of a morning Strong rewarded Voice recorded Beats imported The track Swiss cheese My sword double edged at best No struggle No progres

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Links In A Chain

Black Poem: Hello World jOhn bap signing in Remaining strong from with in Sun of the slave who go in Mr Bold and the Brave Writers of the page Black amazed How my pen do speak With&#160

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Big Baby Jesus

Black Poem: I give  Her  take The kind to reside out of place Still some try to trace No struggle no progress A1 no steak  Wont eat For week For cake all day  Wh

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